Whoville Hairstyles

Whoville hairstyles are historically used for a party or a performance since it is complicated. It usually used in a fictional town and to celebrate some events. However, today, people can have this hairstyle for their daily style since it is offered in simpler model. Furthermore, this style is suitable for both men and women to give more sense of artistic.

How is Whoville Hairstyles?

Conventional whoville uses hair spray to make the hair stiff and thus, we can make it stand up highly. However, many people refuse using this hair spray because it can ruin the hair strength. It is why a new innovation of whoville uses ribbon to hold up the hair tightly. After making the hair tight, it can be modified into several models to make it seem more wonderful by adding more ribbon in each point. It is easily be made and is suitable for daily and simple style.

Dr. Seuss Whoville Hair

Another creation of this hairstyle is by making a ribbon shape which is like a butterfly from a long hair. This shape can be put in the front to give more sense of strong. Braiding you hair and pinching with colorful ribbons also work better to give sense of more joyful.

12 Photos of the Whoville Hairstyles

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